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COde of conduct


Mission Statement: With the mindset that anyone can do jiu-jitsu, Baltimore Gracie Jiu-Jitsu strives to create a safe, fun, and cooperative environment in which to teach self-defense jiu-jitsu to everyone wanting to learn.


  1. Instructors will reinforce a family-friendly atmosphere among students, parents, and other instructors. We must be positive and cooperative in welcoming all students and families to the school, to help strengthen and grow our family.
  2. Instructors will reinforce a cooperative environment on and off the mat. Competitive-based training is reserved for competitions and tournaments. There is no win or lose, there is only learning.
  3. Instructors will reinforce that students must act with respect and kindness towards one another, regardless of their differences in race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc.
  4. Instructors will reinforce that jiu-jitsu is a life-life journey and will recognize that every person is on their own journey.
  5. Instructors will lead by example, care and kindness. In doing so, they will create a positive, cooperative, and constructive environment for all students and other instructors.
  6. Instructors will correct and discipline students as necessary for their safety and growth. They will push students to continue their growth and progress but will never allow students to be in unsafe or inappropriate situations.
  7. Instructors will understand their importance on students’ lives as role models, as well as their responsibility in bringing out the best each person has within.
  8. Instructors will not tolerate any kind of harassment towards students and other instructors, and the school will ask students to leave if necessary.


Dojo Rules

  2. Respect your training partners on & off the mat
  3. No profanity in the building
  4. No bare chests, wear a shirt or rash guard under the gi top
  5. No shoes on the mat, no bare feet off the mat
  6. Shoes must be worn while in the bathroom
  7. White gis only: if your gi was once white & is now no longer white, it's time for a new gi
  8. If your gi is stained or dirty, rent a clean one or purchase a new one
  9. Wash your gi & no-gi attire after every use
  10. Wear appropriate no-gi attire (spats/leggings, shorts/gi pants, rash guard/t-shirt)
  11. Learn to tie your belt
  12. Remove all jewelry, watches, etc. for class
  13. Train with as many different people as possible
  14. Parents - no coaching from the sidelines
  15. If someone says "no" to partnering, respect their boundary
  16. Build your understanding by helping less knowledgeable students
  17. When applying submissions, go slow
  18. When in a submission, tap before pain
  19. Long hair should be tied back
  20. Fingernails & toenails should be cut short
  21. If someone injures you, or, says or acts inappropriately towards you, report them immediately to the instructors
  22. Zero Tolerance Policy for sexual harrassment of any kind



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