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Who can train jiu jitsu?



Anyone can practice jiu  jitsu and everyone should at least try it.

Jiu jitsu is a technical art and does not rely on physical qualities. For that reason you can do well regardless of your age or gender.

Also it is very enticing. It is like a game of chess but physical. Jiu Jitsu will provide a good workout where you control the intensity. You can take it slow or push hard – it is all up to you.

There is no right and wrong in how intense your training is. You will learn it either way. Jiu jitsu is much softer that the other contact martial arts but more effective. Because it relies on leverage it does not require big muscles or a lot of strength. It will develop both of these qualities gradually as you train.

Self-confidence, discipline and good coordination are a huge benefit to children who practice jiu jitsu. Stretching and using all of the body muscles are a great benefit to the adults.

But the most rewarding is the skill set that you will acquire. The more you learn the more you will want to learn as jiu jitsu is endless and the more you train the more you enjoy it. Jiu Jitsu culture is of being respectful and helpful and considerate of others. It is also a great social experience.

Come see us in our school in Baltimore Gracie Jiu Jitsu. You will love it!

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